Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heart of Lime Green

Since this blog page is titled "Adventures of Lime Green", I thought this blog was fitting.
It's actually a message I received from a friend on my myspace. It was a humbling and touching compliment. I asked him if I could blog it and he said yes.
So here it is. Let me know what you think.


The more I grow with God, the more I am convinced He has called me to reach out to people who are rather different than what most are used to seeing within the walls of a building we call a church. God loves His kids so much and He is desperate to reach all of them, not just the ones who think like the majority. My brain doesn't work like most people's brains do. Iric means special, but sometimes special feels more like alone...

I say this because I know that you can relate. More than that, I want you to know that other people see your lime green suit and love and appreciate you for wearing it (as do I). But, they think you then go home and simply just take off your lime green suit. I know that you can't do that. Superman takes off his suit, but he can still fly, use heat vision, stop bullets... These things are what most people look at and assume define Superman as a superhero. But that not it. It's his heart.

Your heart is lime green Steve. Your brain doesn't work like most people's brains do. But you have chosen to use your powers for good and not for evil and that makes you a superhero. Thank you. Your dedication to pursuing God, doing things that are necessary, but not always fun encourages me to do the same. Thank you for refusing to compromise the gospel. The way that you boldly, yet lovingly, share God's heart is very special to me. I reminds me that it's ok to be to me, but it's not ok not to. Thank you for living by faith, trusting your Father more than your eyes. I want to be like that.

You want to encourage pastors; well you certainly have encouraged this one. Run in such way, that though you may be sweaty and smell gross, you receive the prize.


I think Iric sees something many miss. Thankyou Iric, you honored me with that message.
Thanks for reading,

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Judy Gerdis said...

My, my, my! Dear Steve. You've come a long way since I taught you years ago in Sunday School and Children's Church in Manhattan, Kansas. As I read your blog I can hear your dad's voice coming through loud and clear. What a delight you are to the Father. I'm so proud of what you've become. If I had known you live in Seattle I would have contacted you when we were stranded there following a cruise to Alaska this summer. I can tell from your writings and thoughts that your heart is in the right place and that the Lord is going to use you until He comes. May you and your family be blessed with all the wonders in His storehouse!

Judy Gerdis - Shelbyville, KY